This test has 60 questions and is best taken with pencil and paper. Taken with
pencil and paper gets the best results, but is not mandatory. Just don't allow
yourself to be dis-couraged. This test is a tool and not about instant
gratification. At the end, you can grade yourself. Black honor applies.
Please click the link below and time yourself. The test should take no more
than 1 hour. Answers and more information are provided at the end of the
test. This test is to heighten awareness and not to be considered a holy book
or the last answer. Take nothing for granted and do your own research and  
cross referencing. Don't be RATCHET!
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This test is dedicated to BLACK WOMEN, our primary teachers, wherever they are
found the world over. They are beautiful, believable and powerful. Our people have to
learn that there is more to the here and now, than they have been programmed with.  
These documents are a part of our ongoing fight against plantation education,
plantation capitalism and mental slavery. If you have found your way here, you are
looking for a way to live in the LIGHT! It's not always about economics or politics, but
history and culture cannot be permanently falsified.  
This TEST was composed and produced by Booty Adams ©2020.
Booty Adams